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Android Data Recovery Software is compatible with all Mac OS X systems, starting with 10.3.9 Panther, 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard & 10.7 Lion.

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Is easy to use with GUI Interface, supports all file types-photos, documents, videos & more. Runs on minimum system requirements with efficiency, the process involved is simple helping to restore files.

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How to Remove Android Ransomware that Encrypts SD Card Files

Did you found that all your stored files from SD Card of your Android phone get encrypted due to ransomware infection? Is a ransom note appears on the screen demand redemption money in exchange of the file? Is this ransom note suggest you to decrypts files with the help of a Valid Decryption key? Are you want to decrypts files without paying redemption money? If your answer for all these questions is yes then you reach the right place. Here we will be going to discuss the Ransomware virus and also provide you the best solution in order to decrypt your files without paying ransom money. So, read this post carefully and follow the instruction.

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Android OS is one of the best operating systems that is mostly used in Smartphones and tablets all around the world. Now in this digital world, most of the popular devices used the Android OS with the latest and most advanced technology. Currently, it proved itself as the most used worldwide telephone segment allow to download an application. This operating system is first developed by the Google employee Andy Rubin and it is based on Linux. Instead of all these features, some Android users reported that their Android phone is infected with Ransomware virus and they are unable to access their phone. Whenever they try to access, a pop-up appears on the screen asking “ your Android Phone is encrypted”. Before knowing the solution, it is better to know about the Ransomware and how it get enters the system? What is its harmful effects on your device? Let's discuss each in brief.

What is Android Ransomware?

Android Ransomware is a type of malware that has been developed by Cyber criminals with the main motive to cheat the innocent users and make a huge profit online. It mainly targets Android phones in order to lack their data and extort money from the users. Recently, A new Police ransomware malware reported, it completely locks your Android phone, unless, the users pay huge money on order to decrypts the phone.

How Android Ransomware get enters the Phone?

Ransomware is a highly infectious threat that gets enters the device with the help of freeware program such as Adobe Reader, Flash player, PDF maker, and others are downloading or installed from the infectious sites. Therefore, it is highly advised the users that pay attention while downloading the freeware program and always read their installation guide carefully. This virus also get enters the system with the junk email attachments, visiting suspicious sites, playing online games, peer to peer sharing of the files, watching adult movies and so on without your permission.

Whats are its harmful effects on your device?

Once your Android Phone is infected with the Ransomware, then your all file and folder or SD card got encrypted due to this Ransomware virus. Whenever, you try to access those file then you will get a pop-up messages on the screen asking

WARNING your phone has been locked.

To unlock, you need to pay 260 UAH.


2. Choose MoneXy Service

3. Enter {REDACTED}.

4. Make a deposit for 260 UAH, then click on payment. Do not forget to take a receipt!

"After payment, your device will be unlocked within 24 hours. In the absence of payment, you will lose all data on your device!"

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According to the security Experts, the victim should not deal with the hackers and never try to redemption money to the hackers. As there is no any guarantee to unlock the phone even after paying ransom money. Even worst, they may connect your phone to their server and can gather your personal and financial details such as bank details, credit card details, email contacts, IP address, phone number, and other sensitive details. Later, it shares these details to the hackers to misuse it.

prevention Tips to avoid infections of Ransomware

It is a well-known proverb that “precaution is better than cure”. It is too applicable here. In order to prevent Ransomware infection you need to follow the below given steps:

  • Avoid downloading freeware programs from suspicious sites
  • Always read End User License Agreement Before installing the new application,
  • Don't open any attachments of the email that comes from unknown sources
  • Avoid visiting a suspicious site and sharing files via infected removal drive.

How to get rid of Android Ransomware completely?

In case, your phone is already infected with Ransomware and you want to remove it soon then in such situation we are highly advised you to take help of Android Data Recovery Software. It is of the best and advanced recovery tool that is specially designed by the experienced technical experts. It is able to restore Android data such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, and others which are lost in any situation, either it is damaged with the physical or logical reasons or any other virus attack. This utility uses advanced scanning algorithm to perform a deep scan of the system and detect the issue to solve it. It has a GUI interface that makes the software easy to use for even non-technical users. The best part of the software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the recovered damaged files and restore it in its original quality. The trial version of the software is available for free. Download the trial version of the software to know more about the license version.

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