For Mac Users

Android Data Recovery Software is compatible with all Mac OS X systems, starting with 10.3.9 Panther, 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard & 10.7 Lion.

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For Windows users

Using the software android data recovery can be done on entire range of Windows system - Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000 etc. The application is capable enough of extracting all files from the system easily.

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Software Features

Is easy to use with GUI Interface, supports all file types-photos, documents, videos & more. Runs on minimum system requirements with efficiency, the process involved is simple helping to restore files.

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Effective Tips to Improve Performance of Android

If you’re facing troublesome with your Android device and are decrease your experience with Smartphone. The performance of your Android OS totally gets diminish after get using it for some-time. It shows very hard and slower to complete the task or any of the need of your with the device. If you are looking for the solution, Kindly see the below guidelines that will enhance your Android’s performance.

Issues Related to Android

On today, Android OS uses to enhances your sharing experience with Smartphone and kept continue to perform lots of reliable task on your devices such as Downloading, settings, connectivity of your device, location search or other. If you have got a notification that you’re an Android device not performing as on your expectation and slow down your system performance. It also not able to install any android application from the Google Play Store.

There are lots of reason that cause resistance to perform a normal task on your Android device that may face you any type of sluggishness or slowness on your device. If you see for the solution, then there are lots of ways that will help you to improve your Android device performance and makes it to works as faster and better as you expected.

While having with these ways, it can improve Android performance that provides relief from the freezing problem and the other factor. You just need to follow the below guidelines and that boost your android performance.

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Method to Improve Performance of Android Phone

  • Update Your Android Phone:

    You must be needed to update your Android device to the latest firmware. Google brings various improvements to release for the Android operating system, that includes a various update that increases stability, higher performance, connectivity and speed of your device along with user-friendly or the new features. Another device also runs an updated version on ICS and Jelly Bean; you can update it with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean via system complete update.

  • Uninstall Unwanted Apps:

    If you install lots of app in your Android device take uses much space free space of RAM and runs on background processes. These undesired apps will occupy lots of space and because slow running on phone, it decreases android performance tweaks and completely slow-down.

    You need to avoid the apps which are hardly in use and keep the apps that are needful. So, uninstall the app which is not used as long for you.

  • Format Device SD Card:

    While facing frequent crashes on your Android phone, it indicates due to the corruption of the SD card. You need to format SD card that will delete unnecessary hazardous files along with several unusable apps. It will also boost your android performance.

  • Clean Up Your Home Screen:

    Keep your device home screen clean and stop using live wallpaper, various icons, widgets or other. It is better to have fewer icons on the home screen that enhance your Android performance. It keeps your device always to perform with the best satisfaction.

  • Keep clear App cache:

    You just need to clear the cache data that makes your device runs very reliably and smoothly. It also keeps deleting your older data which keep your phone resist to perform. This option will help with more favorable apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

  • Keep Data Cloudily:

    It is easy to upload the cloud storage and it increases the storage space and boost your device performance and also internal storage space that plays important role in your Android phone. It increases speed up android phone performance easily.

  • Perform a Factory Reset:

    It is very risky but doing this factory reset on the device will improve its performance and helps to easily get out of junk files. You must create a backup of entire data before get processing, then goes to Settings> Backup & Reset> Factory data reset.

  • Set Automatic Wi-Fi Update of App:

    While running lots of Apps in the background can make slow-down your phone. Connect it to the internet and makes several things in use such as uploading photos, videos etc. If background data get disabled then your device perform much faster and better. It helps to improve the performance of android application programmatically and experience you best android services.

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Use Android Data Recovery Software to enhance Android Performance

If you experience slow or resist performance on the Android device, it may cause due to various reason such as virus affection, factory reset, less memory space, unwanted apps etc. To get out of this, use Android Data Recovery Software to solve all types of related problem and increase android performance root.

It is one of the best android data recovery tools that able to solve all related problem with the device. It has a powerful ability to remove the slow or resist performance of your Android device. The software also able to restore other lost data such as voice mail, contacts, SMS, call history, photo, video, data on SD card etc. You just use this software according to your own needs and it provides you with their best services.

However, while wishes to use this software; you can free download the trial version of it, and for experiencing it more. Kindly purchase the full version of Android Data Recovery Software and get more satisfactory result according to your wish. It provides serial key of the product with a liscense for a period of time.

Key features of Android Data Recovery Software

  • It can able to restore all types of related data such as contact, messages, call history, backup files, photo, video etc easily from android device.
  • Support to easily recover accidentally lost data such as factory reset, forget password, root, flash ROM, system crash or other.
  • The software provides to preview all recoverable files and allow for selective recovery of all deleted data from Android phone.
  • It supports all popular Android devices such as LG, Samsung, HTC, One Plus, Sony, Moto, Xiaomi and more relaxed.
  • It prohibits your device from junks files, virus affection and keeps cache memory with free space that keeps your device on fast performance.
  • It can uninstall undesired apps automatically and always alert you to keep your home screen clean.
  • It supports for an update of android new version and easily takes automatically updating of it.
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Supported Recoverable Files

SD Card Recovery

Know the simple and working method to recover the media files

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Lost your SMS from android phone? Click here to recover them easily.

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Recover your deleted, damaged or severely corrupted photos in just few minutes.

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Get back your deleted photos, messages and videos of whatsapp.

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Click here to recover the permanently deleted documents in a hassle free manner.

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No need to panic if you have lost your important videos.

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Learn the effective method to recover the lost audio files.

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If you have lost your call history and want to recover them quickly then click on the link.

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