For Mac Users

Android Data Recovery Software is compatible with all Mac OS X systems, starting with 10.3.9 Panther, 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard & 10.7 Lion.

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For Windows users

Using the software android data recovery can be done on entire range of Windows system - Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000 etc. The application is capable enough of extracting all files from the system easily.

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Software Features

Is easy to use with GUI Interface, supports all file types-photos, documents, videos & more. Runs on minimum system requirements with efficiency, the process involved is simple helping to restore files.

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Simple way to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android Phone

Are you searching a way to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android phone? Did you forget the password of installed locked application from the Android phone? Does your phone is get infected by the virus and your saved hidden files are corrupted? Is your SD card of android is get damaged and all media files are get lost from them? If you are troubleshooting from these issues then you quickly need to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android and also we are recommended the best recovery tool which is specially used to fix this problem.

Android is one of the latest technology which is developed and designed by the Google organization. This is an operating system which is easily supported to all other android phone models like Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, Realme, Oppo, Redmi, and many more smartphones but this OS is not supported to the iOS phones. This OS offers the users to install the latest application, software to their own platforms and the users get an update with the latest technology. This OS also provides the best way to access the best features like online or offline games, play videos or movies or clips, create notes, images editing or videos editing and many more features related with them.

Android users are sometimes facing the issue of not showing images or other files that are hidden or saved to other locations and they are want to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android. There are several reasons that are responsible for occurring this issue on the mobile. So we are providing the best manual ways to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android phone and also we recommend the best recovery tool to fix this issue.

Reasons for not showing Hidden Files on Android:

The Android users are using their phone and much other application to locked their saved folders and files and also they are hiding them. Sometimes are there are some reasons that are responsible for losing the file or not able to open the hidden files. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • If the user removes the SD or memory card from the Android device then they are causing to losing the file or automatic deletion of saved files.

  • If the user connects their phone to the infected device then they are also causing to inserting of virus in the device and they have corrupted all hidden files and the user is once tab on file then they are showing error message on a screen.

  • In a few cases, the user is lost their file when they are moving of they are shifting their files from phone to other devices or computer then they have chances if losing the files from them.

  • If the user is saved the files in the smartphone or renamed as the (.) dot in the front of saved files then they are automatically get hidden in the Android phone.

  • If in case the user deletes the files from the Android phone where the hidden application files are also get involved into them then they are getting lost from them and the user does not get any location of the phone.

  • Sometimes the user is getting that their phone is slow responding then they are suddenly done the formatting or factory reset then in that case the user is lost all media file or files that are stored either or in the SD card or Android phone.

Manual ways to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android:

We are provided the few ways to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android phone. So follow the steps in proper to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android.

By removing the (.)Dot-name from file:

Step 1. First of all the user is need to restart their phone such that their Android phone is fast responding and also easily access the setting of the phone.

Step 2. Now the user needs to go to the settings of the phone and search the options show hidden files from the phone. If you get that option then hit on that option.

Step 3. Then the user gets the option to unhide option. Tab on them. Now the user needs to rename them and removes the (.) dot in front of the files.

Step 4. Now check the files from the SD or internal memory of the device is showing or not? If they are showing then they are get unhide.

Recover from Gallery lock application:

Step 1. First of all, disable all applications that are running int eh android phone.

Step 2. Now the users' SD card then data on the phone.

Step 3. Then choose the files that are an extension with .glk, select and copy them.

Step 4. Now paste them in other location where the user is easily viewing them. Now remove the extension by adding the .jpeg extension on them. Now the user is get easily open that locked files.

Tool to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android Phone:

Android Data Recovery Software to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android Phone and also recover lost or deleted files from android. This tool has also a trial version where the user checks that this tool is working or not? This tool shows the error but when the user is want to fix them when they need to download this tool from the sites to fix the issue. This software is also supported to all android models like Samsung, Vivo, Nokia, realme, Oppo, Redmi, and many other models. If the user is by mistakenly deleted the media files or contacts or also text message from the camera then they quickly need to install this software in their system and get repairs all lost or media files from them. So, download the Android Data Recovery Software to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android Phone. Download this tool now.

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